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You are a treasure, Carrie!  To help us weekend warriors as much as you do
is truly amazing.  I do my greatest volume of work on the weekend and you
are unbelievably fast at processing, IMO.  I am so grateful to be able to
work on this project with so many kind and generous people!


Take care!



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Thank you! Hugs back to you and the rest of the volunteer group!

It took all weekend but I finally tamed the approval queue beast. I still
have 4 authors left to do (Stine, Metz, Farshtey, and Mackall) who will be
slow, since I need to look up series information about their books, but
there's no rush for them. There are a few books where I have questions for
the Bookshare librarian, too. And I still need the okay to approve the books
with "PUB PHIL tag" in their titles. Each one of them is 6 pages long,
containing notes about the book in the title. They are part of a series
called Philosopher's Notes, which is I guess like Cliffnotes or Spark Notes.

Anyway I am overjoyed to have the approval queue down to a manageable size.
Whew! Next on the agenda is the rejection queue, which I have been ignoring
for far too long. My apologies for not dealing with it sooner!




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I know she does bless her dear heart tight  hugs to her.

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> the Bookshare staff has grown as well. there are several people  who  can
approve books. Carrie goes above the call of duty by approving our
submissions t nihght and sometimes on weekends.
> Monica Willyard

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