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Hi Laura Ann, 


Okay I'll put my two cents in


I'm a total, lost my sight at 7 in a car accident. Grew up back in the
Detroit area attending special ed classes in grade school and local schools
after that. 


Background. Play acoustic guitar, mostly 12 string these days and write and
sing. Got into computers back in the early 90's when I was running a
recording studio and playing professionally. My first computer was a
Macintosh SE30. What a powerhouse. 16mhz, 2 meg of ram and a vault of a hard
drive..40 meg:-) 


These days I have a number of interests and things I am involved in. Work at
OHSU here in Portland OR as a helpdesk analyst. Working with both Reiki and
Reconnective energy work. www.thereconnection.com
<http://www.thereconnection.com/> . 

Also do numerology charts and now working with a vitamin company called Agel
and the Prosperity Automated System, "PAS". 


IN all my free time I dragon boat, which is a team paddling sport which is
extremely popular now on the west coast but in other areas of the country


I also enjoy reading and am involved as a volunteer on this cool site called
Bookshare! www.bookshare.org <http://www.bookshare.org/> :) giggle 


Katie Hill


AIM SStarAngel



Expand your wealth at 838gold.com


The greatest problem in communication is the illusion that it has been
- George Bernard Shaw


Katie Hill



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I am blind with light perception only and use jaws and Kursweil but have an
older copy of open book from early 2000.

I decided to change to Kursweil last year when given a choice by the state
of Texas.
I love Kursweil.

anyway, just a little about me.I love computers and enjoy scanning and
submitting and validating books, I like knowing the collection is building
for others.

Its awesome having such a large selection of books to choose from ....I can
now read whatever I want and I am really enjoying that.

I have a pet sitting business in College Station and am partners with my mom
who is wonderful.
http://www.agapepetsitting.com <http://www.agapepetsitting.com/> 
is our web site.

I am also about to have my license for texas for Massage therapy and love

Just a bit about me....Would love to learn more about you guys.

Laura Ann and Lucile  Grymes
Young Living Essential  Oils Distributor
High quality Essential Oils and personal care products

Agape Petsitting
Phone: 979-680-0022
http://www.agapepetsitting.com <http://www.agapepetsitting.com/>  

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