[bksvol-discuss] Re: blank pages

  • From: Anastasia Saridakis <anamatia81@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: bksvol-discuss@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 20 Aug 2007 18:26:32 -0700 (PDT)

That's hapen to me too.
I just worite on the submissin form that pages 5 6 ect were blank in the 
original text.

Grandma Cindy <popularplace@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:  I've noticed that, too. We need 
a publisher to
explain why. It seems that they want new chapters to
begin on the  odd-numbered, or right-hand page, as the
reader looks at the book. If the previous chapter ends
in such a way that the new chapter would begin on the
left-hand page, they put a blank page there, in the
number sequence, but if the previous chapter ends on
that page, then there's no blank page between last
page of one chapter and first of the next. I once
asked here if anyone knew why, but got no response.


> have had some books where there was a blank page
> before the chapter or part 
> some of the way through, wish they would make it one
> way or the other all 
> the way through.

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