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Hi, Roger, I admit I've heard the word Recondite, but can't recall using it.
Looks I'm looking this one up (smile). Other words I have heard but don't
use because unsure if I know what I'm talking about: casuistry, rubric,
threnody, dithyramb,weltanschauung (sic), zeitgeist, etc. Regards, Kim aka


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What gets to me is what some people consider a big word. Once, in an effort
to be facetious, I made reference to my id and then I was accused of using a
big word to impress. Id is a big word? Then, at least twice, in casual
conversation I used the word recondite. Both times the person to whom I was
talking reached without comment for a dictionary to look up the word. One of
them then expressed surprise that I had used it in a way that I obviously
knew what it meant.

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Hi all,

I love being able to look up the occasional word.  Taylor Caldwell is one of
those writers who uses big words naturally, as if she figures her readers
will know what on earth she's talking about!  I had to resort to the
dictionary for "efulgent"  Anybody heard of efulgent?  I also looked up
any takers on that one?  I better retake the SAT's I could probably get a
better score now after fourty years.  <smiling> 

Ann P.

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