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The only time it is free is if the customer is in school or going to college 
but if they want to read for enjoyment, they will have to buy a membership. 
Someone correct me if I gave out any information that was misleading.
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  Hi, Nan!

  BookShare is an online library for people with print disabilities.  Students 
of all ages can receive an annual free membership with certification by a 
qualifying individual and student status.  

  Volunteers earn credits for scanning or proofreading books.  Often volunteers 
like myself and my husband, among  many others, will sponsor individuals who 
cannot afford membership by donating credits to needy individuals.  We all want 
people to have the means to read books.

  I hope anyone will correct me if I have mis-spoken on any of these points.


  On Jan 15, 2010, at 2:26 PM, Nan Hawthorne wrote:

    Can someone clear up a puzzle for me?

    I keep hearing BookShare described as being a free library for people who 
are print impaired. Is it free?  I had to pay.  I feel weird telling people one 
thing, then hearing another.  No disrespect, I just want to clarify.

    AccessibleWorld.org book discussions have no cast in bronze policy about 
this, but one thing I have been told is that "many people can't afford to join 
BookShare" and this has limited what books I can schedule.. I am too find other 
ways for people to access the books.  Since BookShare is one of the only places 
producing accessible versions of independently published books.. and I say 
bravo for that!  I am hard pressed to find a solution.

    By the way, I am delirious about the news that Smashwords and BookShare 
will partner!! These days I read more books not on NLS than on.

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