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I would use the information provided in the book as the copyright info and
leave a note for Gustavo in the comments field as to what your findings are
through the copyright.gov site.  Not all books are officially registered
with the  LOC.  Gustavo will make the determination with the information
that you provide.


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I am doing Sandra Brown's BITTER SWEET RAIN which was a best seller on the
new york times bestsellers according to the cover anyway. It was copyrighted
under another of her names which was erin st claire but according to the
copyright.gov there is only a SR recording which is on 5 cassetes and it was
made in 2004. I went under Sandra Brown for all 124 items and didn't find
the book. This is a warner book. According the first paper back was in 2001.
I have searching bitter sweet rain by tittle, brown, sandra, clair st, erin
and on the copyright website they have a different book but they spell it
saint so tried that but nothing.
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