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Yes, I'd like to see how many times a book has been downloaded.  It would help 
me determine what books to look for at used book sales.
The other thing I'd like is to see a list of all the books that are not 
copyrighted, those books that are available to sighted people.

vining@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
I'd like to see that too. And I wish there was some way of seeing how many
times particular books are downloaded.


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Hi E.,

I think your idea for the bibliographies is a wonderful one. Do people
have similar theme lists they're working with that they'd like to
contribute? Definitely something we should consider formalizing and
putting on the website. I'll be sure to copy this email out and put a
star on it that says "hey, new person, follow up on this, because it's

Sarah, I can give you a category count but I can't give you a more
specific topic count. Would you find it interesting if I showed you some
numbers about how the category counts have changed since we first


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I love your idea!

Just yesterday or the day before I was talking about how interesting it
would be if someone did some work to find out what topics bookshare has
a lot of books about, and then check to see how well a person could do
using bookshare to do some hypothetical research assignments. For some
reason the word "bibliographies" didn't pop in to my mind, but that is
exactly what would be useful.

Not that I would wish to do anything but a strictly hypothetical
research project. :-) Well, maybe the research itself could be real,
but the paper that is supposed to result would never be produced. LOL

Sarah Van Oosterwijck
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> Here is an idea for bookshare. We can have a place where a list of
> bibliographies are stored. For instance, there can be a list of books
> the holocust, and lists for other topics or themes. I have begun to
> together a few tentative lists, one on non-western religion, for
> and another on history themes. Ones which immediately spring to mind
> books about the Civil War, the American Revolution and such. These
> might be valuable to students. The one about the Civil War could
> histories, plus fiction about the war.
> The lists of nominees and winners of various prizes could also be kept
> the bibliography section of bookshare. We might be able to get grants
> create books about particular subjects. By the way, what about the
idea of
> scanning a few books on grant writing for those of us inclined to
learn the
> art.
> E.
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