[bksvol-discuss] Re: baffelling problem.

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Hi Amber,
As others have suggested, it is likely that you have a running header in a
funky font, which you confirmed.  If what you are finding is the chapter
headings, you do need to add those in in a readable font, usually by typing
those in by hand.  The running header of book title and/or author does need
to be deleted, but if the chapter headings are the things that are not
scanning legibly, those need to be there and need to be typed in if they
didn't scan.  I come across this problem a lot and have to get help from
someone who can see to tell me what the handwritten chapter titles say so
that I can type them in.
Just another idea.


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When I scan my book, uselly it says the name at the top, of, every page, but
not this one, it says something garbled and continues the book. why all of a
sudden is it doing this,   Amber,  G.

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