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Hi Bud. I was the one who validated your book. There was nothing wrong with
it and the scan was very good. The moment I started checking it, I just had
to read it in whole and could not leave it off since my interest got caught
in the story. I was into the book more than half way correcting some
scanning errors just here and there, when I think Peter wrote to this list
and said the book was already in the bookshare collection. Even then I just
had to check if the one already in the collection is of a poorer quality so
I could submit the one you scanned cause I never like rejecting. I
downloaded the one from bookshare, and As it was, the copy of the book
already in bookshare was already of a very good quality. I hope you

This also happened to me when I scanned a book last month. I put in so much
work into scanning a very long book that I like only to find out that there
is already a copy at bookshare and all my toils just turned to naught. From
then on, I always make sure I only scan books that are not yet in the
bookshare collection.
I hope this helps.

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Hi gang,

I just had a message that a book I  submitted was not accepted.  It was the
avenger.  I would be curious if anybody here validated it and what the
problem might have been.  I still think they should tell the turndownee why
it was rejected but I know they say they can't do that so I accept that
with reservations.I won't try to investigate why but was just curious.

Oh well, back to my next book for submitting.My record on rejections has
been pretty good but I always wonder why when one does bite the dust.

Bud Schwab
W 6 Z Y P
Malibu, California

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