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Hi Jamie!
You certainly could. I don't believe it's accessible for screen readers--but
since you don't have to worry about that, it might be a middle-of-the-road
program for you compared to Office 2007.


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My "new" desktop (which is really as old as my old desktop) came with Word
2007. I can't find my original Word 2003 disc. Actually I think Billy (my
son) broke it a long time ago when I installed it on his computer, and it
fell on the floor and he immediately rolled his chair backwards to pick it
up and rolled right over the disc. He did that to some disc and I am pretty
sure it was Word 2003.
So I guess I will have 03 on my laptop and 07 on my dekstop. Yuck. Oh you
know what? I could install openoffice.org. 

Jamie in Michigan

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