[bksvol-discuss] Re: anyone need an easy validation?

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Dear Allison, Jamie and Booksharian Friends,

Celebrate A Book of Jewish Holidays by Judith Gross is on step one and up for 
grabs since no one asked me to put a hold on it for them. Allison and Jamie 
noticed there is another book in the collection with almost the same name by a 
different author. 

The book I scanned is only about 30 pages long and the descriptions of the 8 
Jewish holidays are very brief and clear. 

I read the description of the other book by Gilda burger which is four times 
longer than mine and contains recipes and, obviously, lots more detail. 
Scanning and proofreading my book has made me curious enough to look forward to 
reading the Gerber book, too. 

Now we'll have both brief and long descriptions of Jewish holidays. Does 
Bookshare give us choices or what? 

Always with love,


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  I'm pretty sure Lissi's is a different book since hers is only 30 some pages. 
Mine was much longer.

  There seem to be lots of holiday books with the same title, but are different 
books. I have two books titled It's Kwanzaa Time but they are different authors 
and different books.

  Jamie in Michigan 
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