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Hi Jamie. 
When you do a search, what you often see is part of the book as well as the 

Having said that, when you run across things like "GR0UNDW00D" it makes you 
really want to read that book, right?

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  I can't see inside of books. I can only see the descriptions because I can't 
download books.

  If you do a search on the author, Sarah Ellis, you get this page:

  And this synopsis:

  The Several Lives of Orphan Jack 
  by Sarah Ellis 

  Bruno St-Aubin is a fable about a boy who runs away from an orphanage to 
become a peddler of ideas. 

  The Several Lives of Orphan Jack [blank page] Books by Sarah Ellis Novels Out 
of the Blue Pick ... Young Writer's Companion [blank page] The Several Lives of 
Orphan Jack Sarah Ellis Pictures by Bruno St ... -Aubin GR0UNDW00D BOOKS HOUSE 
OF ANANSI PRESS TORONTO BERKELEY Text copyright © 2003 by Sarah Ellis ... 

  See at the end of it where it says Gr0undw00d Books?

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