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  • From: "liz halperin" <lizzersagain@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 28 Dec 2007 16:33:04 -0800

I have a re-scanned and fixed the copy of "TRANSSEXUALS: Candid Answers to
Private Questions." It's on step 1 list, noted "Hold for Guido." He had
pointed out where I was screwing up when he first validated it. It was a new
process I was trying that took 3 times as long and messed everything up
anyway! He agreed to check the rescan, but he's sooo busy I think it would
be fine for anyone to validate it. Another quick read, mostly in Q and A
format, from a therapist's perspective. My resources and I decided to
include this in the sub-genre collection, even though most transfolks are
dead-set against the group this guy is representing and his perspective. But
we agreed it should be there because many books make reference to the group
and "Standards of Care," so readers can use it as a reference to know what
the others are complaining about. However, I can't include that opinion
stuff in the summaries, must add it as a review. Can't do that till it's in
the collection. So, if anyone wants to grab and validate it, please do.
Quick read, KES up at 99.something, all appendixes and stuff meticulously
checked, blah blah. And my next accepted book gets me to the magic number
for membership renewal. 

If one of you grabs it, please send me a private email saying so, and I will
notify Guido not to worry and not to look for it. 

Thanks in advance!

Liz Halperin
Portland, OR

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