[bksvol-discuss] Re: another newby questions please and thank you.

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Hi Gwen,
    Yes, you really do have to push down that hard on the spine of the book.
I know, it feels like you're going to press so hard that the scanner glass
will just fall right into the scanner.  But it doesn't.  Or it hasn't to me.
And unless the book has a binding already in bad shape, you won't hurt it
pressing on it as hard as you need to to get all of the text to show up in
the scan.
    As to the best place on the scanner to put your book, as long as one
edge of your book is at the edge of the glass where the scanner bar begins
its trip across the glass you're good to go.  You technically probably don't
have to do this, but I think it's recommended.
Good luck.


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My name is Gwen wife of Bob who is already a volunteer for a long time here
on bookshare.
My  questions are these:
Is there a better place than another to put a book on your scanner bed
The first mailing I got from volunteer was a rejection of a book because
words were cut off but what was odd was when I read it or herard  it on the
scanner I heard all the words so didn't know this so thought it was OK and
put up a bad book.
Now ordenarily,
a few years ago,
I would have just stopped, gave up and chalked it up to I'll never learn or
get it,
but for some reason I am glad I got and that that first mailing was a
because it tells me, and taught me what not to do.
And I am ready and willing to try again,
I am determined, I am one that I have to get it right or knock myself out
trying *smile*
I try to never but seldom let any thing beat me.
another question:
I know the book has to lie flat, but what do you really push down to make
that happen, because you have to be careful if it is not your book and I
feel like I'm putting a terrible amount of pressure on hands and book just
to get it to come out right,
do you really have to  press down that hard?
Thanks for any help.
Sorry if these questions seem silly or mundain.

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