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  • Date: Thu, 22 Sep 2005 09:25:02 -0400

I am validating this book. If the submitter had read a few pages several patterns would become apparent.

th is being scanned as di. I believe this points to a brightness setting being off.

This is relevant in terms of "folks who scan for credit and do not care about the results." I am particularly referring to Robert's comments about credit given for poor scans and blind folks expecting to get rewarded (things for free) while doing sloppy work. I know a lot of schools are doing scanning for students. I wonder if An Empire of Wealth was scanned by a student or scanned by someone for that student.

A little tweaking would have resulted in illiminating the following

diough though
die the
diis this
diere there
and on and on it goes.

Here comes rank spelling. Some of this can be cleaned up if one is willing to check out patterns with rank spelling. So as k1000 improves it may be possible to save more and more books.

I do think poor scans like this need to either get less credit or the validators need to get more or we need information from official bookshare staff about rejecting. It is one thing to reject light reading matter and another to reject things which may be used by students or researchers. How desperate are you bookshare officialdom for books?


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