[bksvol-discuss] Re: an adult book but not for adults?

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I agree with you. I know how totally frustrated I was with my branch of NLS 
when I was younger. I was a middle school student with a college reading level, 
and I was disgusted with the stuff they sent me. OK, I do like kids' books. I'd 
have to if I want to teach elementary students. *smile* However, when I want 
something more advanced, I want something more advanced! *smile* Take care.
Julie Morales
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  I have a large problem with limimiting what people can read by age. When it 
comes down to it, it's a person's maturity that counts. Also, they don't have 
to read it. If they start reading something, and find they don't like it, they 
can just stop reading and delete it. I've done this myself on ocasion.
  On a related topic, I turned 18 a few months back myself, but my status 
hasn't changed. Who would I contact about that?
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    Subject: [bksvol-discuss] an adult book but not for adults?

    I'm scanning a book called "The Bitch Posse".  It's for young adults, I 
swear it! It was categorized under the YA section and everything, but it's got 
an astonishing amount of swearing, sexual references, etc.  What do we do in 
cases like these, they are meant for Young adults, but they have a lot of 
swearing?  If I mark it adult when I'm done editing it, nobody under eighteen 
can see it, is that correct? And Im worried about restricting the audience 
because it's really a YA book, just a very real and true one. Yes there's a lot 
of swearing, but that's life for some teens.     But if I don't mark it, some 
seven-teen-year-old is going to get a shock.  Thoughts?

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