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I've listened to Lots of books with K1000. I'm not sure I've ever heard what you describe. What are your voice and punctuation settings and what is the book?


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Hi gang again.
Here is a page of the bookwith a couple of those dashes for an
example.  Strangely enough after I converted it from .kes to .rtf it
seems to read better and pronounce them as two words. Wonder why that
would be.  Maybe they'll read ok since it will all be in .rtf.
Oh well!

P. S.  I just looked at this page that I changed from .kes to .rtf
and now the dashes are gone and the two words are run together  One
instance is near the bottom where it says violence and only run
together as one word. Therer's another one about in the middle of the
page also. .  The mystery deepens.

of black oxfords, another pair of moccasinsblackand some sneakers.
Palliser had a look at them but couldn't see anything suggestive. He
stashed them all in a plastic evidence bag and they drove back
downtown to drop them off at the lab. Then they went up to that
Thrifty in Hollywood to talk to Wells. He wasn't as amiable as
before, when Palliser asked questions over again. "What the hell you
want with my shoes, anyway? I didn't know cops could go right in a
person's pad and just steal stuff."
"You'll get them back," said Galeano easily. `We may want to  borrow
the ones you're wearing too. Are all those the only shoes you've got?"
"For Gossakes, what am I supposed to do till then? I don't know why
you guys are bothering me, I never had anything to do with thatyou
know what I mean. I haven't done anything at all."
"So you've got nothing to worry about," said Galeano in a friendly
tone. "We can't prove you did anything. We're just looking around, Wells."
"So you can go and look around somewhere else."
"You'd like us to find out who killed your grandmother,
wouldn't  you?" asked Palliser.
"Oh, sure, sure, I sure hope you do. But I told you where I was that
night, you asked Mae and she told you, we were out at that disco all the time."
"Yes, we know you were."
"Then why are you bothering me? Go stealing my shoes! Cops!  When do
I get them back?"
"When we're finished with them," said Galeano. They went back to the
parking lot and sat in the car and Palliser switched on the engine
for the air conditioning. "In a sort of way," said Galeano, "I see
what you mean, John. Another Baby Face. A little too innocent to be
true, but on the other hand"
"Oh, I know, I know," said Palliser. "He's got no remote history of
violenceonly that one little count on him, and it's an honest upright family."
"What the hell is all this business about shoes?"
"I've got no idea," said Palliser. "It was Duke suggested it. He

Bud Schwab
W 6 Z Y P
Malibu, California


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