[bksvol-discuss] Re: [a-hem!] i'm twiddling my thumbs here, people...please validate me

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Hi Scott,

That book has been posted to the library for a while. I downloaded it on the 9th, so you must have missed it.


At 12:08 PM 6/17/2005, you wrote:

I approved a book maybe a week and a half ago called Koko by Peter Straub. Has that one crossed your path yet?


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i have no books to approve! while it?s cool to think: ?great! the Bookshare.org book approval queue is [practically] empty?now it?s major-slacking-off-time for me??unfortunately, that just means i?d have more time to do other stuff on my to-do list.

approving books to go live on the website is without a doubt the coolest part of my daily routine. if i have no books, then i have to move down the list of daily tasks which aren?t nearly as fun: improve my fussball game, or listen to Jim complain about glaring holes in the movie adaptation of The Lord of the Rings, or watch Peter via his webcam as he practices his interpretive dance moves. none of these prospects are as fun as approving more books and watching the live books number increase daily. we?re at 22,652 as of the time i write this email.

Bookshare.org cannot hit the 25,000 live books mark, which you all think is do-able (and i do as well) by the end of the year without your continuous and always appreciated submission and validation efforts.

please, give me something fun to do. do some quality validation, otherwise i?ll have to learn to speak Klingon, get that correspondence-school AA degree in gun-repair or schedule a dental-cleaning appointment.

many thanks,


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