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  • Date: Wed, 7 Jun 2006 06:41:44 -0500

Thanks Paula.  


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  Hi, Monica,

      I might be able to help fix the Scripture references in some of your 
books. Just post when you submit them, and I or someone else can help. Some of 
the sighted volunteers might be able to help with books that have italics where 
they should have normal print. If the books are in pretty good shape otherwise, 
you may want to go ahead and submit them.


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    Subject: [bksvol-discuss] advice regarding books

    Hello all.  I wondered what you would advise about some books I have.  I 
have wanted to submit them to boookshare for a while but have been holding off 
because I was hoping my husband could fix them for me.  However, over the past 
few months he has been working six days a week so I haven't wanted to ask him 
because on his one day off we try just to catch up.  The books I have, I think 
five in toal, do need some fixing.  Some are Crhistian books which I'm not sure 
you can get at a library and the only things that would have to be fixed are 
the scripture references.  The others it may be that the italics need to be 
changed to regular print and then perhaps it would be allright.  Let me know 
your thoughts.  Should I submit them anyway even if my husband, Tom, can't look 
at them and hopefully when he gets a new job he'll have more time to help me 
submit better books.  Thanks in advance for reading my post.  I realize that 
it's a general question but I look forward to seeing what you all post, or some 
of you post.  Thanks again. 

    Monica Svopa 

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