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I think it would depend on the page numbering as to whether or not to move
the advertising.  If the text stops on say page 211 and the rest of the
sentence picks up then on page 212, you definitely want to move the pages or
possibly even leave them out depending on how clear they scanned.  If,
however, the pages are included in the numbering, then you might want to
leave them where they are and just put a note like [Advertising] if they
scanned as garbage.


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Hi Shannon,
    You could (a) leave them where they are, or (b) move them to the front
or back. While adverts are not core content and thus not required, I don't
think this type of information should be outright removed from a book if it
was included with the original submission. (That is unless of course the
advert scanned as garbage text).

For anyone interested my line of thinking behind moving the material is that
often folks combine front/back dust jacket info in one place. Also a sited
reader would most likely skip the advert and may come back to it later.
Often times as well only certain editions have advertisements and not
others, and of course its not core content....

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  Hello Volunteers.
  I am carefully validating The Colorado Kid by Stephen King.  It is a
wonderful scan and part of the Hard Case Crime series I believe the series
title is.
  But slightly more than halfway through the book, there is what looks to be
a two page spread advertising the benefits of becoming a member in this
series, get a book every month, etc.
  What makes this slightly disheartening is that the two page spread happens
in the middle of a sentence...i.e., one page ends in the middle of a
sentence and then the two page spread begins and then the story picks right
back up again with no loss of words.
  Now I know we can't eliminate text, but this is kind of sad, that the
reading in the middle of a sentence has to be interrupted by this
  What are my options, besides outright rejecting the book which there is no
reason to do?  It's got page breaks and I've already done a bit of minor but
necessary editing, changing i98o to 1980 for example in many places.  Can I
move the pages to the beginning or end of the book?  Should I put in the
long synapsis field that there are two pages of advertising and give the
page numbers so that members know what's going on?
  Any advice or help on how to handle this advertisement would be gratefully


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