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Yes, even mothers that are normally good readers don't completely support
that feature. <bg>
they, and many other human readers, also tend to freeze up and stop reading
for you completely if you suggest they should stop instantly on command
without distracting you with comments or complaints.  They often do not go
back just enough and repeat things over and over again without getting
frustrated, too.  computers only occasionally develope an atitude, and get
tired of reading for you. :-)  at least you don't have to feel sorry for
them when they have been working a long time.
I say this from my experience in highschool before I had a scanner, and the
Internet didn't contain enough information, or just didn't work well.

Anybody know how to get via voice to say irrational correctly?  Why does it
say that wrong but can say "Foie Gras
" just fine?  That is what I call I-Raitional. lol

Sarah Van Oosterwijck
curious entity at earthlink dot net

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> Here's one of the reasons why using a synth may be better than a narrator.
> You should be able to go into the pronunciation dictionary and change the
> way the synth pronounces specific words.  I use this feature from time to
> time because certain pronunciations can prove quite distracting.  Now try
> and do something like this to a narrator. *grin*
> =====
> -- Rob
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> Subject: [bksvol-discuss] Re: about braille
> > I had to read an entire book on tape where the name Irene was pronounced
> > Irene-e.  Of course every single synth reading this message will say
> > differently, so know one will really know how it was said, but believe
> it
> > was annoying, since she was the main character.
> >
> > I only really love keynote, but I can deal with viavoice all right.
> > Kurzweil seems to have the best way of respecting punctuation and giving
> > almost human-like reading to synthesizers, so I really would like
> > with Kurzweil, but I either get keynote with jaws, or via voice with
> > Kurzweil, so then I have a hard decision when it comes to being read to
> > my computer.
> >
> > I know what you mean about needing to prove you can exist without your
> > computer.  Fortunately I can prove that every once in a while without
> giving
> > up my synthesizer. <bg>  I have a braille note, which conveniently is a
> > keynote synthesizer.  Of course that is not proving I can live without
> > technology, but I'm already convinced I can't. :-)
> >
> > Just so everyone knows I am weird too, my particular strangeness, that I
> can
> > think of at this moment, is imagining letters and words have colors.  I
> > actually think it helps me remember things sometimes.  I learned in the
> same
> > article that I mentioned to Guido before, that there are others who do
> > same weird thing.  I felt so much less unique after reading that
> > hehehe
> >
> > Sarah Van Oosterwijck
> > curious entity at earthlink dot net
> >
> >
> >
> >

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