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Somone told me the book is already in the collection. I recommend it.
smile the title is Snow Treasure and it's by Marie McSwigan (or something
like that. I just got it from my library and it's a short book. It's about
Norwegian kids who unearth buried Nazi gold bullion and spirit it away to a
ship to take it to the U.S. It's based on a true story. One rede/reviewer'
great uncle told her he was one of teh boys.

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Cindy, What’s the name of the book? Who’s the author?

Kathy Novak

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I was looking for something else and came across this book for grades 3 -
which I plan to get from the library for myself to read (and will buy it
for my grandchildren. Here's the summary: In the bleak winter of 19 0,
Nazi troops parachuted into Peter Lindstrom's tiny Norwegian village and
held it captive. Nobody thought the Nazis could be defeated—until Uncle
Victor told Peter how the children could fool the enemy. It was a dangerous
plan. They had to slip past Nazi guards with nine million dollars in gold
hidden on their sleds. It meant risking their country's treasure—and their
lives. This classic story of how a group of children outwitted the Nazis
and sent the treasure to America has captivated generations of readers. I
can't find how many pages, and I did see it's illustrated, but I don't
think the illustrations have to be described -- it's probably just pictures
of kids and tehir sleds.
I'm sure it will be an easy proof for someone if someone is willing to
scan it
P.S. one of the reviewers said it was a true story -- her greauncle was
one of the kids. She didn't know if teh part about teh boy throwing a
snowball at teh german offcer was true opr not--he didn't know-- buthe also
said teh shipping of teh gold to teh U.A. was a perilous journey but he
couldn't tell "even us" about that.

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