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Linda, you'll need to go to www.freelists.org and change your settings. You 
have to jump through some hoops involving an authorization code the first time 
you do it, but eventually you will get to a page with a button that allows you 
to edit your settings. One of the settings is for vacation mode.

In terms of changing the address, simply unsubscribe this address by using it 
to send a message to


with the subject line 'unsubscribe'.

Then do the same from the other address with the subject line 'subscribe'.

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Hi all,

Art and I are going on a trip from April 18 to 
April 23.  How do I change my settings for going no mail for a few days. 

Better yet, how do I change my e-mail address from admiral_lck@xxxxxxxx
to admiral-lck@xxxxxxx

Juno will hold a certain amount of mail--and my ISP is much more

Can you assist here?

Hugs and smiles!

Linda and charcoal

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