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Hi, Ann, I just hope you'll leave some fantasy for me (smile). Seriously
though, how will you be proofreading stuff? I have a double-pronged
approach which suits me down to the ground. In actuality, you might say
I fell into it. I use Jaws (my screen reader) and I also have a
BrailleNote mPower 32. What I do is open the rtf document I download,
listen to the text in speech and follow along with my BrailleNote as my
Braille terminal or display device. So far what I've done has been added
to the collection. Also, I'll be happy to pass on to you what was passed
on to me. There are some very helpful people on the list so don't
hesitate to ask any questions. There is no such thing as a stupid
question if you don't know how to do something. Also, if you can enjoy
reading a book and have the little critic in your head pop up a lot
telling you to get rid of that bullet or check the font or whatever and
if that doesn't drive you nuts, you'll do splendidly. Believe it or not,
there are people who find scanning relaxing. Personally, I have a
scanner and I don't know how to use the thing. I find it intimidating as
all get-out. I know of a guy who would rather run and hide than
proofread, whereas I like doing it. I can have an absolutely wonderful
time reading a book and get rid of scanning errors and such with
equanimity. There is a proofreading manual in the volunteer section of
the Bookshare site and you can read it. However, if manuals put you to
sleep (they tend to do that to me), please ask away and if I can help
I'll be glad to answer any questions if I have any answers. Regards, Kim
Friedman. P.S.: Word of advice: the very first thing I learned was to 1.
Download your file your going to read; 2. Leave the file you download
strictly alone and make a working copy (I call this the file you're
going to mess with). You can refer to your original file and if you
leave it alone, that's fine. That way if your computer does something
stupid, it will do it to your working copy. At the end of every session
of proofreading, I save my work, then make a copy of my file I'm working
with and save it somewhere else. I have a folder called proofreading.
When I start a project, I make a subfolder within the proofreading
folder and give it the author's name. In it I keep the raw scan I
downloaded, any correspondence I have with the submitter (I prefer to be
in contact with the submitter in case I have questions about the text
and to report on the work), and a copy of what I've proofread during
that day. Other save stuff to a flash drive, but it never occurred to me
to do that. I hope I haven't intimidated you and I really wish you much
success. K. 
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I love all kinds of fantasy, however I mostly stick to classic fantasy.
Such as J.R.R Talken, Margaret Weis, and Tracy Hickman. I'm a huge
dragonlance fan. I want to proof read every dragonlance novel there is
so that it can be up on bookshare. Lol  I'm also a huge Harry Potter
fan. I love Terry Goodkind, Robert Newcomb, George R.R. Martin, Robert
Jordan etc. I can't wait for the second half of the 12th book in the
Wheel of time series. I shall have to check out the Dancers of Arun. IF
there is a first book in the series, I will check that out. I love
escaping into stories where i don't have to hear about real life things
like cel phones, cars, computers, etc. I love a good sword fight,
dragons, elves, wizards etc.  I could go on, but I would be sitting here
all night. Lol Its nice to meet you. 



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Hi, Ann, Kim here. Welcome to the deranged perfectionists as Carrie
calls some of us. I proofread stuff on occasion for Bookshare. Please
ask any kind of question you wish. By the way, what sort of books do you
like to read? I also like fantasy and have proofread fiction so far.
Regards, Kim Friedman. P.S.: If you wish to natter, please write me off
list. K.

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I can't wait to get started. Like Cindy said, if anyone has Fantasy
books that they would like proof read, let me know. Since I need to take
one books at a time, lol I will start with the first courtduel series.
Can't wait.



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I want to mention that a new volunteer proofreader (As I recall she
can't scan because she doesn't have the equipment) has joined us. Her
name is Ann Petrous; I'm not forwarding her note because I don't know
that she wants her email address posted.  She's especially interested in
proofing fantasy; She's going to do court duel, but she wants to read
the first book in the series first. Have any other fantasies been
scanned and submitted? I think there are a number on the wish list.
There is one Sr. Dolores is doing, I think, and she's  and she's going
to [put a hold for Ann when she submits. it,


Wonderful. Ann. Welcome.


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Hey I'm just letting you know that I've been approved for bookshare
volunteering, so if there is a fantasy novel that you see and I don't,
let me know. I grabbed courtduel. I'm going to read the first one before
I read the second. Lol 


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