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Hi, Jamie,

If there are intelligible words or characters directly before or after a page 
number generally on the same line with the number, they are probably a heading 
to the page, either a chapter name author name or the book's title which occur 
at the top of alternate pages.  If so, these can be removed by you, keeping the 
page number on a line of its own with a blank line above and below the page 

When you read the book and move from page to page, is the text continuous if 
you leave out the weird words or characters?

And sometimes a few random characters will appear at the top or bottom of the 
page.  I don't know the reason for this problem but guess it has something to 
do with the scanning.  Again, if you read the text without these characters 
when moving from page to page, does the text make sense.

If there are no words missing in sentences, you can remove the random words or 

Hope that this explanation helps.

Cat Lover Lori

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  Hi, all, I'm a little frustrated about a book I'm working on.  It's called 
who gets the drumstick, and it's a fantastic book that I've been wanting to 
read, and I've thoroughly enjoyed reading it.  I'm frustrated because I was 
asked to rescan a book that I'm only the proofreader of.  I hope and pray I can 
do all the deleting of duplication of text and putting page numbers on separate 
lines that I have been asked to do.  I have no sighted help whatsoever and am 
totally blind and am wondering how I'm to accomplish this when after every page 
number there uninteligible characters--probably representing Roman numeral 
chapter headings and/or braille paging numbers or something.  I don't want to 
make the situation worse.  I had similar troubles with another book--a 
children's book called Little Prince know-it-all, and it still has yet to be 
added to the collection.  What is it that makes the page numbers not be on a 
separate line and need to be placed on a separate line?  I've not had to number 
pages in MicroSoft word in almost four years and am at a loss as to how to fix 
the mistakes.  Please advise as I want Shelley and myself to get the book ready 
for publishing into the collection for others to enjoy and I want us both to 
have credit for the work.  How am I supposed to get the rescanned book page 
into my corrected and/or proofread copy and why is it that some books have 
these page issues and some are placed and numbered clearly and properly?  
Thanks for any and all suggestions and help as I want others to get access to 
this fantastic book.  It is truly a warm and delightful story of family life 
that should be a classic if it isn't already.  

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