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Hi Amber,
    Because lots of scanners steal focus away from Kurzweil when scanning, the 
program has a built in feature that attempts to recover from this by 
redirecting you into the product. I find that I can successfully navigate away 
from Kurzweil when my scanner is on the return journey to start again. Be aware 
though, that then it can sometimes be difficult to get Kurzweil to accept focus 

This is one of the only things about Kurzweil that I don't particularly like, I 
certainly wouldn't call it a feature.

The issue came up a week or so ago on the Kurzweil list. One of the KES guys 
said that part of the problem was that scanning is too heavy a process that you 
wouldn't really be able to do anything while it was going on. Personally I 
disagree, pulling up Winamp for an example to pause or fast forward a track 
isn't intense work at all.

I'd like to see this 'feature' become an option. Stephen what're your thoughts?

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  Hi all:
  I am using the demo version of Kurzweil and enjoy it.  I have heard others 
say that when using Kurzweil, they like to do other things on the computer.  
the only problem is, I can't seem to minimize Kurzie into the background, it 
always seems to want to be the dominant program.  I have tried minimizing it 
with no luck. this only happens during scanning.  I can minimize it when I am 
not scanning.   any thoughts?
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