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Hi, Soniya. Well, for starters, you could look for a book that interests you 
and that you think you'd like to read. Those are always fun because you can 
validate and read at the same time, and that way, you will read the whole book 
and be more likely to make the book as excellent as it can be. If you really 
want to validate something but either can't find something you'd really be 
interested in reading or just end up downloading something you're not 
interested in reading, first, check for all the copyright info and make sure it 
is a scanned book and not an e-text or Web braille book or something like that 
that someone might try to pass off as a scan. Then, check to make sure the book 
is complete with no missing pages. You can do that by skimming through the 
book, making sure all the pages match up and what's at the end of one page 
makes sense with what follows on the next. Don't remove blank pages at this 
point. The blank pages help to maintain proper pagination when the book is 
formatted into DAISY. Then, you do a spellcheck, correcting as much as you can 
and maybe trying to figure out from context what you can't fix just by looking 
at it. Granted, a lot might be missed by validating in this way, but it gets 
the job done and makes sure the book is complete and won't leave someone 
hanging when they're done. *smile* Have fun! Take care.
Julie Morales
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  I'm sure a lot of these questions have already been asked.  Since I've just 
signed up to be a volunteer, what are some things to look up when validating 
books?  Any quick fin and replace?  What are some quick things to do to check 
books?  Obviously, I wouldn't read the whole book, so I thought I'd just get 
input on some quick steps or things to look for.


  Soniya Patel

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