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Hi Amber What scanner are you using?  Flatbed or something like mine which is a 
canon and requires that the book be separated, that is the spine removed.  I 
load about 50 pages at a time and use Canon's  software for the actual 
scanning.  And as to the extra section breaks, not that I know of, I've have 
been after them to fix it or give me a work around, to no avail.  Part of the 
problem is that Word recognizes the different section breaks, but will "Find 
and Replace" them as a whole class, and if you do that you lose your 
page-breaks also.   Haven't had this problem with version 7.  Tom
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  Any way to get rid of the extra section breaks?  Also, I am using it and the 
OCR is great, however, if I want to scan continuously, with out having to push 
the scan button every time, how do I do that?Thanks.
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