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Hi Carrie,  Very intresting!  Haven't seen that one, and hope I don't!  Just 
started processing Centennial, about eleven hundred pages.  Omni-pro 15 
wouldn't process this book due to the page limitations and other problems I was 
having with it.  Tom
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  A few weeks ago, I did say that I prefer 7.0 to 8.0, but lately the OCR 
program has been switching parts of sentences around, about every 20 pages or 
so.  So I'm going to start using 8.0.  Maybe it's a bug in 7.0 that was fixed 
in 8.0??  Will let you know if the bug still exists in 8.0 after I OCR some 
romance novels this Friday.


  Gerald Hovas <GeraldHovas@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
    Ask Carrie.  Last I heard, Bookshare has both version 7 and 8 for in-house 
scanning.  I don't think she's said if she's begun using version 8 exclusively 
yet or still prefers to use version 7 some or most of the time.


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    I am thinking of buying ABBYY FineReader 8.0
    Does anyone on this list use it?  I am going to download a trial version 
and play around with it.  Any tips would be appreciated.  
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