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  • Date: Thu, 7 Jul 2005 14:53:58 -0700

Hi, Hope. Try typing in the path instead of browsing. If you have Windows 
XP, the path will be something like c:\username\Documents and Settings\My 
Documents\filename where username is whatever your username is on your 
computer and filename is the name of the file, including the .rtf extension. 
If you have it located in another folder within your documents, you'll have 
to include that after the my documents folder in the path name. Take care.
Julie Morales
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From: "Hope Hein" <hmhein@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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The error is that it can't find the book. The book is there in my documents.
When I try to click the browse btn it will not allow me to read it locks up
and I have to reboot.
Hope this helps and that you can assist me. I do want to assist in
validating and scanning.
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> Hope
> If it keeps giving you an error, it won't go through until you alleviate
> that error.
> To find out what that error is, use the search feature of your screen
> reader using the word "error."
> The first instance you'll find indicates that there is an error.
> Search again and you will find the word "error" along with a description
> of what actually is causing the error.
> It is either missing required data or BookShare's software not liking
> something you've done.
> Report the error on the list, if you cannot figure out what to do, and
> someone will direct you.

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