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Hello Marissa,

Welcome to our world.  

In a way of greeting, I will only say that we hope we don't drive you away
like we did poor Jesse.  Oh, and we promise to give you many headaches.

Take care.



Pratik Patel
Managing Director
CUNYAssistive Technology Services
The City University of New York
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Greetings Bookshare.org Volunteers! 

My name is Marissa Mika, and I'm your new volunteer list monitor and
general volunteer point person at Bookshare.org. Jesse is off to England
and I am taking over most of his duties in the volunteer coordination

To give you a little bit of background about myself, I've been working
for Bookshare.org in the main office for the past two months, working
mostly on in-house scanning and book production as well as some
collections development work with universities in the area. Before that,
I was a Peace Corps volunteer in West Africa and did my undergraduate
work in international development studies. Suffice to say, assistive
technology and print disability is an entirely new world for me, but I'm
gaining my bearings. 

I am extremely impressed with all of the work and energy you put into
scanning and validating books for Bookshare.org. I am amazed at how well
Bookshare.org works, and clearly the number one driving force is you--a
team of incredibly dedicated volunteers. I'm looking forward to working
with you and answering any and all questions you may have about
Bookshare.org and various procedures. 

You can contact me at either marissa.m@xxxxxxxxxxxx or the
volunteer@xxxxxxxxxxxxx address. For your emails, expect a 24 hour
turnaround time. I try to answer emails on the same day I read them. 

As my first rallying call, we currently have about 500 books waiting to
be downloaded and validated. I know that over the past two months, you
have successfully worked through over 300 books and brought our numbers
down from 550 to 200 in the approval cue. I would love to see this
happen again and would like to remind you to balance you efforts to
create a quality product. 

Other than that, happy scanning, validating, and reading! 

Take care,
Marissa Mika 

Bookshare.org Operations Intern 

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