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Your input for the Bookshare.org website redesignHi, I just tried to send Jayne 
an email and it got rejected by my server, what do I do?
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  Dear Booksharians,

  I'm sending this email to you on behalf of the web design team that is 
helping us redesign the Bookshare.org website with funding from the new OSEP 
grant. The firm is called Mile 7 and the person doing the survey is Jayne 
Shurick, cc'd here. Jayne is interested in doing some user interviews about the 
web site.

  Here are the specifics:

  As you probably know, Bookshare.org has been awarded a large grant by the 
Department of Education to provide textbooks to students throughout the United 
States.  As part of this grant, the Bookshare.org website is being redesigned 
to vastly improve accessibility and usability.  To kick off this effort, we 
would like some Bookshare.org users to participate in one-on-one interviews 
with our contract usability engineer, Jayne Schurick.  The interviews will be 
conducted this week, December 4th and 5th, and will require about 45 minutes of 
your time.  If you are interested in participating, please respond to the 
questions below. Jayne will select 10 users to participate and will contact you 
via email to set up a time to talk using your preferred mode of communication.  

  During the interview, Jayne will ask you questions about how you currently 
use Bookshare.org and your suggestions for the new website.  In addition, she 
will ask you to go to a website that contains some very early prototypes of a 
new homepage layout.  She will ask if you like them and how accessible they are 
to you.

  If you're willing to be interviewed, please respond to the following 
questions in an email to to Jayne at jaynes@xxxxxxxxxx

  Please feel free to resend this email to any members of Bookshare who are 
offlist, such as those who belong to Friends of Bookshare.

  Here are the preliminary questions to help Jayne select those she will 


  How long have you been a member of Bookshare.org?

  On average, how many books do you download per month?

  Do you submit scanned books?

  Do you validate books?

  Are you an educator or a student?

  Your preferred method of communication, for example by phone or email.

  Your time zone

  Preferred day, December 3rd, 4th, or 5th

  Times you are available

  Please email your responses to Jayne directly at Jayne Schurick 
<jaynes@xxxxxxxxx  and not to me. I am cc'ing Jayne here.

  Thanks, Lisa
  (Manager, Bookshare.org) 

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