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Yesterday I renewed a book that was supposed to expire the previous day. Maybe bookshare is giving us some a day or so of leeway, or maybe I was just lucky.

I don't know why the renew button can't be there all the time, either.


On 2/3/2012 4:55 PM, Evan Reese wrote:
I agree with this, but I agree with Lori more. Why can't the renewal link be active all the time so someone can renew their book whenever?

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    I have to agree with Cindy; it is very frustrating to get the
    renewal notice 24 hours before we can renew it.  They should be
    simultaneous or send a second note, 24 hours later.

    Hope they can fix that to help ease our workflow.

    Keep up with Nichole's recovery:

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        This is probably a minor thing in the list of things awaiting
your attention, and I'm not sure how many of us it affects (others beside me if I remember some posts correctly) but
        would it be possible to send reminders that books we're
        working are about to expire on the day that they're due to
        expire instead of 2 days in advance? when I get the email I go
        to my list of books checked out and there's no way to renew
        them.  Or maybe you can activate the "renewal" word at the
        same time you send the reminder email I try to remember to
        check each day, but too often when I've gone and the renewal
        isn't possible I've forgotten to check againa and the book was
        released and I'v e had to redown it. This wouldn't b e so bad,
        because the book I'm working on now n  one else wants  but
        sometimes it's hard to find the right page; also at times I've
        seen that people do grab books others have had released and
        the ones who didn't renew on time have to ask whomever got it
        to release it so the person could finish

            *From:* Bookshare Support <support@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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            *Subject:* Your book is about to expire.

            Dear Cindy Rosenthal,
            Thank you for downloading (hold for Grandma Cindy) The
            Shadow: The History and Mystery of the Radio Program,
            1930-1954 2011 for validation.
            You've had this book checked out for validation since
            1/22/2012. Each volunteer is allotted 14 days to
            proofread, convert, and re-upload the file. Your allotted
            time is scheduled to expire on 2/5/2012.
            If you are in the middle of proofreading the book and
            would like to complete your work, visit the "My
            Checked-Out Books" link after login. Next to the book you
            are working on you will find links to Upload, Release or
            Renew the book. Select "Renew" to be granted 14 additional
            days to work on the book. Thank you,
            The Bookshare Team
            End of message, please ignore any links below.

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