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I know exactly what your talking about. I I'm a  Braille reader, so I know
what you mean. I just need to go back, and insert the missing page numbers,
and take out the page numbers that are inserted from Microsoft or do I just
leave those alone too?



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Hi Ann,


I'm not Ellen, but according to her previous message, chapter 1 begins on
page 1.  That means that there are eight preliminary pages that need to be
labeled with lower case Roman numerals.  Though Word is accurate in telling
you that you are indeed on page 9 when you see chapter 1, that page is
numbered 1.  So, there are 8 pages of preliminary material.  But the arabic
numbering begins on what Word calls accurately page 9.  


Are you familiar with hard copy braille books?  Am I wrong, sorry if I am,
in assuming that you are blind?  You know how there are pages often before
the page that is numbered 1 in a braille book?  The same thing is happening
here and is very very common.  Word is telling you how many print pages
there are, but it doesn't know what numbers the pages had on them.  You have
to read those numbers in the text.


Am I just muddying the waters?  Sorry if I am.


Ellen did say that the page numbers were at the bottom of the pages, but on
pages where chapter headings occur at the tops of the pages, it is advisable
to insert the page number above the chapter heading and remove it on those
pages containing chapter titles/headings from the bottoms of those pages.


I know it sounds like a lot to figure out, and can be very confusing, but
I'm sure you'll get it, and then you can feel totally proud of yourself once
you do!


Good luck, happy proofreading, and please ask questions where you have them.







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Hello Ellen,

I just checked out the book again, and the actual story starts at page 9
just before chapter one. So it says page 9 chapter 1. is that right? Now
when I originally started proofing it, it said 1 page 9 chapter one. 


I really hope I'm not sounding confusing. lol

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