[bksvol-discuss] Would anyone be willing to proofread this one?

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Hi All,

I've got a book ready for submission that I don't want to read myself.  It's
a paperback and needs to be read through to be of highest quality, as it
seems to have been the victim of scannos such as fight where the word should
have been light, and perhaps others like this that a spell checker won't
find.  I've done everything on the proofreading check list except for
reading the book.  But, as I said, it really needs to be read through, with
the proofreader correcting scanning errors that a spell checker won't find.
I'll paste the book information below, including the synopsis.  If anyone is
interested in proofreading this one, please write me off-list to keep list
traffic down.  My e-mail address is: mayrierenae@xxxxxxxxx I'll post when
I've been offered a proofreader.

Thanks in advance.


One Last Breath
 by Laura Griffin
Product Details
Pub. Date: September 2007
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Adult Publishing Group
Format: Mass Market Paperback, 464pp
ISBN-13: 9781416537373


He's an ex-cop. She's an ex-wife. And they're both out for revenge on the
same man....

When pampered former cheerleader Feenie Malone takes a job writing fluff
pieces for her South Texas paper, she has no idea she's about to stumble
into a juicy news story that could launch her career - if it doesn't get her
killed first. Almost as soon as she breaks out her press pass, she crosses
paths with Marco Juarez, the macho PI obsessed with solving his sister's
murder. The information he has might be the perfect lead - but his
dangerously sexy looks could be a deadly distraction.

Juarez has zero patience for reporters, especially mouthy blond ones. But
with the evidence pointing to Feenie's ex-husband, Marco thinks she could be
useful. Confident he can keep her on a tight leash, he lets her in on his
investigation. He quickly discovers he's underestimated his new partner, as
well as the danger they both face. Now he must protect her - to the very
last breath....

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