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Hi Marissa,

Here is a request, my first one...  I woulld really like it if soomeone
woullld consider scanning Microsoft Word--Quick and Easy,, by Sharon
Monthei.  Some will scoff, but I know there are plenty of beginners besides
me who would like these beginners exercises.  Thanks.

Sue S.

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Hi Folks,

I'm going to do a more thorough update of the Wishlist tomorrow. I realize
that there are only four books up right now. . .it will be back to about ten
to fifteen shortly. One of my personal frustrations with the wishlist is
that I get requests from about the same four or five people consitently, and
no one else seems to use it. It's fine if people want to send me multiple
requests for certain books, and there is a check on it in terms of the fact
that the books get done only if someone wants to scan them.

Thoughts? Comments?


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