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Dear Booksharians,

I'm going to be writing an essay on Christian modrs of science, and I want to use the following books for part of it.

 Gospel in the Stars by Joseph Seiss

Witness of the Stars by E.W.  Bullinger


Doomed Dragon

"You're asking if we have a problem? Well, let's see here--we have a fully armed regiment of soldiers on our tail who have a strong desire to kill or mame us horribly. Does this look like a problem to you?"

--Rad Zane, the Elementalists

"Things are about to get very ugly, very fast. You guys leave--I'll clean up the mess."

--Tiana Rose, the Elementalists

"Oh, there's only a hundred of them.  Let's rock!"

--Mark Barrington, the Elementalists

"Hey, bumblehead! Did a fire hydrant unload on you or was that just me blasting through your defenses?"

--Adrian Fleck, the Elementalists

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