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Hi. Just a quick note that I believe that most if not all of the following are already on bookshare.org and of course all are available from Project Gutenberg. When submitting, assuming that these are different than the full novels since I think Pam said that they were simplified for kids, you might want to put Wishbone in the title and indicate that this is in fact not a duplicate. It doesn't matter to me since I most likely won't validate them, just a suggestion. Also you can search for titles of most classics, especially pre-1922 on http://gutenberg.org/ under the title search.

At 10:47 PM 5/20/2005 -0400, you wrote:

Man in the Iron Mask
Tom Sawyer
Dr. Jackel and Mr. hyde

And a whole bunch more.  Including one called "Salty dog" which is based on
Treasure Island, smile.

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