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Hi, Mike. Yes, I've heard a lot about the book and can't wait to read it. If 
you just make sure you keep blank pages, page integrity shouldn't be a 
problem. If the page is blank, don't delete it. That way, the validator can 
check and see that all the pages are there. If the page is blank in the 
book, make sure there's a blank page in the scanned copy and you should be 
OK. Take care.
Julie Morales
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The wait should be worth it as it indeed does look interesting!

I started working on it last night and came across a couple of items I am
now attempting to sort out.

(1)  Correct pagination may prove tricky with this book as each chapter
title is on a page of its own, in its own font, and often pages prior and
after the chapter title page are blank.
Hence, a reader might think that pages are missing even if this isn't the
Chapter 1, as an example, ends up in the middle of page 7 with page 8
blank, 9 containing the title for Chapter 2, and the text of chapter 2
beginning on page 11.

(2)   When attempting to do 2 page scans of the book, I discovered that
the height of the page is a fraction of an inch greater than the width of
the scanner.
Hence, I am trying to decide where to scan the pages individually, or scan
each set of 2 pages twice and manually check for tops and bottoms to make
certain if all text is present.

I don't yet have a target date for finishing the scan but you will enjoy
the book when finished.  And, as you might guess, "traveling Light" refers
to the excess baggage we carry around with ourselves internally in our
lives and our needs to prioritize and focus on what truly matters.

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