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Hi, Amy.

Put me on what will probably be a long list of people willing to validate this book. My library (bless 'em) actually has this book, so I'm good to go. Is it possible to scan it in parts? ("The Essential Ellison, Scan Part 1"?)
Just a thought.

Live Long & Prosper,

On Jul 27, 2008, at 12:19 AM, Amy Goldring Tajalli wrote:

Hello SF Buffs,

I have The Essential Ellison: A 35-Year Retrospective, Ed. & Into. by Terry Dowling.

This is an almost 1000 page collection of Sort Stories and Novellas by a master of science fiction, influenced by Alfred Bester and Ray Bradbury, to whom the volume is dedicated, and by Rod Serling though he is not mentioned. Some of his scripts were sold to Star Trek and Twilight Zone and his tales range from quirky humor to nightmares. His writing style matches his subject but whatever the topic you will not soon forget his tales. Members of the SF Club will be reading one of his stories as the first entry in The Science Fiction Hall of Fame, Vol. III, to be discussed Aug. 14.

The book is too big for me to handle and I do not have the strength to press down on it as hard as will be necessary. If I could put it back together I might have it taken apart as it is in sections but it is sewn as well as glued. Each sewn section could be dealt with and then reglued but however it gets done would be okay with me. The book was published by the Nemo Press and the Copyright is 1987 by The Kilimanjaro Corporation. There is a note under the copyright information that for written permission to reproduce this must be obtained from the author or the author's agent, address included on the copyright page. I don't know what the arrangement is between Bookshare and American publishers but I suspect his permission will not be difficult to get if needed.

I would love to be able to read the rest of the stories and this, while not an all inclusive collection, this collection has 67 of his best stories. He has publish over 40 books.


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