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  • Date: Sat, 14 Jun 2008 10:38:06 -0600

I found a book that looks wonderfully fascinating, and would be one more
step in completing our Roger Zelazny collection.
Please consider scanning  A Night in the Lonesome October.  A review from
Amazon follows:
Leaving his ever-popular and ever-expanding Amber series behind for the
nonce, Zelazny delivers a cheerful, witty, well-crafted fantasy narrated by
dog-companion to Jack the Ripper. It seems that Jack is in fact a sorcerer
and his gruesome exploits were perpetrated in the service of his magic. But
the Ripper's killings are tangential to the tale of an upcoming struggle
between magical personages. In a rare occurrence, the cosmic forces are in
permitting an opening for the Elder Gods to return to Earth. "Openers" are
contending with "closers," who want to keep the Elder Gods shut out. Snuff
the day-by-day preparations as players size up the competition, gather their
magical arsenals and make and break alliances. Snuff himself maneuvers among
other familiars (a cat named Graymalk, a snake called Quicklime, etc.). An
instantly recognizable gothic compliment of characters includes a mad doctor
trying to reanimate a patchwork corpse with lightning, a werewolf named
Larry Talbot and a "Great Detective" who haunts the sidelines. Zelazny
this material with a charm few can match, and while this novel does not
approach the depth of his best work like Lord of Light , its deft,
good humor and spare, poetic prose reaffirm Zelazny as one of fantasy's most
skilled practitioners. 

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