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Oh, that is a good one.  I remember reading this one as a kid and being 
quite shocked by the out come.  Quite a fascinating book and worth the read 
for your Sci Fi fans.

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Just submitted Hexwood Diana Wynne Jones.

From the Publisher
Strange things happen at Hexwood Farm.

From her window, Ann Stavely watches person after person disappear through 
the farm's gate ? and never come out again. Later, in the woods nearby, she 
meets a tormented sorcerer, who seems to have arisen from a centuries-long 
sleep. But Ann knows she saw him enter the farm just that morning. 
Meanwhile, time keeps shifting in the woods, where a small boy ? or perhaps 
a teenager ? has encountered a robot and a dragon. Long before the end of 
their adventure, the strangeness of Hexwood has spread from Earth right out 
to the center of the galaxy.

Jim B


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