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Just submitted The Foxes of Harrew by Frank Yerby
From the inside flaps
Stephen Fox was a professional gambler and reckless adventurer; he arrived in 
New Orleans in 1825 with a ten-dollar gold piece, a pearl stick-pin and a 
dream. He was tall, red-haired, with a face that brought visions of both pride 
and inso­lence, a man determined to make his fortune the fastest way possible.

Within a week of his arrival, his eyes were opened to stakes larger than the 
gaming tables ever offered. The rich sugar plantations along the river, the 
grand elegance of their French owners, their richly-gowned ladies—all spurred 
him with envy and ambition. And before long, Stephen Fox saw his chance and 
took it, taking power from an indolent, slave-rid­den, castebound people. He 
gambled and won, building Harrow, Louisiana's richest plantation.

With brashness and daring he carved himself an empire, but he foolishly allowed 
it to become dominated by three handsome women who engulfed and! threatened to 
destroy Him..... Odalie, his aristocratic but remote wife; Aurore, his 
sister-in-law, hopelessly waiting to succeed her sister in his affections; 
Desiree, the voluptuous quadroon, suffering despair and social ostracism to be 
near him.

A superb reconstruction of this passion­ate era, THE FOXES OF HARROW brings 
vividly to life the troubled, yet luxurious times of the pre-Civil War South, 
dramatically revealed in this stirring chronicle of an arrogant dynasty.

Jim B

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