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Just submitted The War Aquinst Parents by Sylvia Ann Hewlett and Carnel West.

Sylvia Ann Hewlett and Cornel West, a white woman and a black man, join to 
address the burning social issue of our time: the virtual abandonment of 
parents—poor and middle class—by America's business, political, and cultural 
elites. In what is both a visionary and intimate book, Hewlett and West present 
a blueprint for parent empowerment, which they call the Parents' Bill of Rights 
for the 21st century, which gives new value and dignity to the parental role 
and restores America's commitment to the well-being of children. With candor 
and hope for the future, the authors seek to unite America's 62 million parents 
behind an agenda that spans the divides of race, gender, and class

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