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Hi List,
I Just submitted The Grammar Bible by Michael Strumpf and Auriel Douglass. 
I Would validate it myself but I ant got the learnin to do it.

No one knows grammar like Michael Strumpf. For over a quarter of a century, as 
creator and proprietor of the National Grammar Hot Line, he helped thousands of 
callers from every corner of the globe tackle the thorniest issues of English 
grammar. Now, in The Grammar Bible, he has created an eminently useful guide to 
better speaking and writing.
Unlike other grammar manuals, The Grammar Bible is driven by the actual 
questions Professor Strumpf encountered during his years of teaching and 
fielding phone calls from anxious writers, conscientious students, and 
perplexed editors, including such perennial quandaries as
o Where do I put this comma?
o What case should this pronoun be in?
o How do I form the possessive of Dickens?
Professor Strumpf explains these and other language issues with wit and wisdom, 
showing how to speak more clearly and write more impressively by avoiding 
common errors and following the principles of good grammar. Whether you need a 
comprehensive review of the subjunctive mood or simply want to know which form 
of a verb to use, The Grammar Bible is a practical guide that will enlighten, 
educate, and entertain.

Jim B


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