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I don't quite understand your question.  I see the
pages differently from you, so that may be part of my

 When you get to the main volunteer page and click on
Submit, that just allows you to submit a book. If you
go to the Advanced Search (I've found it quicker than
the other search) and put in a title or author, you'll
find out quickly if the book you're looking for is in
the collection, and if it ism you can download it to

If you want to download a book to validate, or if you
want to see if a book you're thinking of scanning has
already been scanned and is on the
download-for-validation page, then you have to click
on Download and wait for it to load. Then you can do a
Find (at least I can, with IE ) and if the book is
already there you'll find it instantly. To find out if
a book not on the download list is being  validated by
someone or is awaiting administrator approval, you
need to go to Marissa's List which is on Rui's site. I
copy that list and keep it on my desktop as a Word
document so I can just do a Find and find it instantly
--or not. If not, then I could feel safe scanning it
-- although I'd post here to be sure no one else is
already scanning it.



-- Kaitlyn Hill <Kaitlyn@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> A question on searching... 
> So we go to the submit a book page and check for the
> book on the site. Does
> the search engine check for books that are out? It
> sounds like it doesn't.
> If it doesn't that would be a feature that would
> extremely helpful. 
> Huggles 
> Kaitlyn
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> Subject: [bksvol-discuss] Re: Wish List
> Gerald
> Thank you for the info on Brain by Robin Cook. I
> just scanned the first 25
> pages. I will start working on The Right Stuff. 
> I wish volunteers could login to Bookshare, enter a
> book title and receive a
> status report showing where in the system the book
> is. This could help
> reduce the duplicate problem and save the volunteers
> a lot of time.
> Jim B
> Jim@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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>       Jim,
>       Looks like someone already scanned Brain.  It's on
> the August 5th
> edition of Marissa's List.  The list shows it out
> for validation that day.
>       Gerald
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>       Subject: [bksvol-discuss] Wish List
>       Hi bookshare gang
>       I plan to scan two books from the wish list.
>       Brain by Robin Cook and Ths Right Stuff by Tom
> Wolfe.
>       Hope to get them submitted in the next week or so.
>       Jim B
>       Jim@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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