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The answers are on the following web page at Bookshare.









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How do I join the Wish List and what is it?



Grandma Cindy <popularplace@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I guess. Several of us already belong to both--but for
some reason, I see a lot more people unsubscribing
from that list than this one. I've never figured out
why, and I've asked them. (They usually aren't doing
it right so their attempt appears on the list. when I
write to explain the proper way I ask--haven't
received an answer).

Or--I've been maintaining a list of requests--although
I forgot for a while that I was doing it and so I
forgot to add some recent ones--embarrassed look. I
could email new additions to it to individuals who'd
like it. I copied the Wish List on the site and will
add to it, 

There supposedly will be a form to fill out eventally.
What doesn't seem to be in the works is a way to tell
if the request is being filled, i.e., if a wished-for
book is being scanned. Hopefully someone will post
that they're doing it. I deleted one book from my list
on that basis, but now I realize that perhaps crossing
it off would be more informative.

The present Wish List will be available on the site
through June 30, according to the posted instructions.

yates@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> So if one wants to know the wishes one definitely
> has to join the other list?
> Jamie in Michigan 
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> Fitzwater
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