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I have an insatiable desire to expand the opportunities for literacy for
children with print disabilities. Too often people consider it too much work
to even find out more tried to get children with severe physical handicaps
reading print. Instead, they offer all audio options, never even pursuing
the ability to read the printed word. Because my husband is a quadriplegic
and has two degrees in education, reading is very important to both of us.
Our daughter absolutely loves the opportunity to be in front of a book, good
or bad, and we want her to have more and more options for good books.
Eventually we hope that she will be able to be totally independent from the
selection process all the way to reading, but that will be somewhere down
the road. In the meantime, it is our goal to expand the choices she has in
selecting books to read for pleasure and education.


Take care!




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Let's forget about the obvious reasons why people volunteer for bookshare,
the 2.5 credits and the fact that you are doing something to help others.
Few of us are well off enough that we would turn down the $50 per year to
remain a bookshare member, so the credits are somewhat important to us, but
2.5 credits is such a small sum, that it doesn't justify the effort it takes
to do a good job. I think we all find satisfaction in helping others, but
there are easier ways to improve the world we live in, ways that have
nothing to do with section breaks, smart quotes, or a myriad of other
anomalies of our trade. 


So, besides those two reasons, what's your reason for volunteering?


My main reason for volunteering is that there's always a challenge waiting
to grab me by the throat and it could be lurking, waiting to best me in the
next battle of the checkout cue. So far, none have bested me, but I have
cried uncle in a couple of instances and returned the book back to the
checkout cue for someone else to take on.


Another reason I like to volunteer is that I love the teamwork between
scanner and proofer. I love good teamwork and good teamwork can overcome the
challenges of getting a book in shape for the collection.


So, those are a couple of my reasons for volunteering, what's your reasons?


Curious Bob




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