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I did have my name on it, I swear. Stupid Yahoo lost it.


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Deranged perfectionist? Who's deranged? You better believe it!! (evil smile). 

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Jamie's right. I remember proofreading a book and running it through the 
spell-checker before sending it up for approval and was startled to find that I 
needed to add some spaces to the book or something like that. Due to the 
display not being recognized, I hadn't been aware of how the line looked based 
on what I heard. I can see why Bookshare insists on two people overseeing the 
processing of the file, one to submit and one to proofread. And if you have two 
deranged perfectionists on a given project, submitter and proofreader, then 
book will be as near perfect as we can make it, barring stupid things like 
typographical errors or missing words left out by the publisher. Regards, Kim 
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It's true that if you scan the 
book you have the book to proofread with, but I think, in the beginning, there 
were very few sighted volunteers for Bookshare. So a person without sight 
couldn't really compare it with the print book, right?

And then, too, 
it's always good to have a second pair of eyes (um, or fingers or ears, sorry!) 
to look something over. I am in general a pretty careful scanner but I have 
several times submitted a book that was missing pages and it's my custom to 
down through the file counting page numbers to make sure they are all there. I 
even once submitted a book that had a chunk of pages twice.

It's like 
when you read a book that has errors in the print--your eyes see what they want 
to see and not what is really there. So sometimes you don't even see the 

And of course there are scanners (like me) who don't read every 
word of what they scan, and there are proofreaders who don't read every word of 
what they proof. So two sets of eyes on the job are better than 

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