[bksvol-discuss] White-out, hurricanes, all possible disasters.

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  • Date: Wed, 14 Feb 2007 16:02:16 -0500

I don't get white outs though I do remember the winter of 49-50 when the snow 
was up to the 2nd floor and we looked out the window at at sea of white which 
hid everything around below that 2nd floor.  At 41/2 it was fun but no longer. 
And while I don't get whiteouts I get hurricanes and I have learned that if 
there is a shelter I will go if at all possible.  There are few like Katrina 
but I was here for Andrew and a number of other ones and even a size 3 or 2 
hurricane can kill you if you are not in a safe place.  If you know it's coming 
and you can get someplace safe, go.  You may happily return if you really did 
not need to go an maybe a little embarrassed but you won't be frozen to death 
or left without heat and light for an indefinite period of time. If it is not 
too late to get a generator and if you can afford one it may save you from 
having to go elsewhere but make sure it is where it will be safe to use. 

Some of Rita's victims were without electricity or water for weeks.  No water 
is not just no drinking water but also no workable toilets unless you have 
saved up bottles of tap water in advance.  I already have ten - two litre 
bottles of tap water from last season waiting in case of need next season.  
Before hurricane season I have 2 - 3 gallon bottles of drinking water - usually 
distilled - which I use and constantly replenish to have for drinking.  If a 
big one is forecast I will get extra. I hope all of can take the same 
precautions and stay warm and safe.  

If anyone doubted that I was an omsm I just proved it <smile>

May all of you stay warm and safe.


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